Hi, I am Huei-Ling and I love tea!

I grew up in Taiwan where tea is a lifestyle. My earliest memories are of my father brewing tea every day, and the enjoyment of sharing the warmth, flavors, and relaxation of tea with friends and loved ones.  But it wasn’t until 20 years ago when I really started to appreciate tea. A friend of mine, who is a tea expert, introduced me to the world of tea. I began exploring and admiring the art of tea and how to bring the enjoyment of tea to everyone. Tea continues to be my family’s tradition.  In my house, there is always a cup of tea brewing. You can always find me sneaking in a pot of Pu-Er, my favorite. My husband loves dark roasted Tie Guan Yin from the Mucha mountains outside of Taipei. My daughters enjoy various high mountain Oolongs. Every day after dinner, we boil some water, pull out the tea set, and sit around the table to drink tea, to read, to chat and to do homework. From the time she was a baby, my youngest daughter has enjoyed eating the tea leaves. At least she is getting her greens in somehow!

Tea is also perfect way to connect with friends. No need for a designated driver. Creating a ritual around tea is a great way to calm and focus our minds and to settle down after a long day.

I hope it will become your tradition and your lifestyle as well.

About Taember Tea

Taember Tea started out as a living room business, literally! Tea tasting happens amidst the chaos of the house. Now online, We wish to share our fantastic select quality teas with more people.

Taember sources its teas from tea growers with the highest-grade tea. These growers maintain consistent reputations year-to-year by growing the teas themselves or by personally supervising the growing, picking and handcrafting. These tea suppliers are often 3rd or 4th generation award-winning tea families.

Teas are hand-picked, leaf-by-leaf, and selected by our trusted experts for their quality. The majority of Taember tea comes from the famous tea regions of Nantou, Mucha, Ali Shan and Li Shan in Taiwan. The Pu-Er teas are from Yunnan province in China.

We have worked with these tea farmers and suppliers for over 15 years. By purchasing small, high quality batches, we are able to offer consistent, reliably delicious teas from the mountain farms direct to your teapot.

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